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ME, IN KIPS COLLEGE (An everlasting lovestory)

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ME, IN KIPS COLLEGE (An everlasting lovestory)

Post by Naseem Abbas Malik on Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:19 pm


(The Story of 2012)
Written by: N. A SAGAR

The 18th
July, a memorable day for me in Kips. When I proposed her but…

7th June, it was the day when I
joined Kips at Gulgasht, Molten. I felt good because it was a very good
co-class with approximately the number of hundred. During English period, I had
a glance aside to my right and I saw a girl, my fellow, sitting quiet right to
me on a distance of two hands. She was really so beautiful with a slightly
round face covered in hijaab. She was smiling that time, while talking to her
friend. My heart began to beat randomly and I felt that I was just going to be
unconscious about the lecture. Then my friend gave attention to me saying, “I
think you should stair at her later!” I wonderfully, looked at him and became
attentive towards the lecture.

I made it routine to look her daily for a long
time twice or thrice. Her name was Rahat and I was going to be mad about her.

One day, at 12th
July, I decided to write her a love letter and I did so. It was a problem for
me that how I could give it to her. The next day, when I entered the class, she
had a loveable glance at me until I took my chair properly. I became easy about
the task.

At 11:45 am,
when it was time to bell, I became ready at all. As the bell rang, I stood up
and threw the letter on her hand and went straight to the door without turning
back my face to see the response. Actually I was feared full time.

The next day,
she gave me slightly better response. I thought that she had accepted my proposal
but I was wrong. Whatever, I became anxiously waited for reply and a week
passed away.

On 17th
July, when we were solving the test, I wrote on the top of my question paper,
“I am waiting for your reply.” As she always sat very close to me, so I succeeded
to make her read. Then she wrote, “I know.”

I saw and then
marked, “?”. She replied, “I like you Wink.” So I got the answer. But on the time
to bell, when I stood up and left my chair, on next step, someone stroked me
and I became unbalanced. I fell on the next girl and I heard laughter. And
“Rahat” took me wrong.

When I reached
my room, I received a text message, “I came to know you are a cheater!” I was
still replying, “Who is there?” and I received another text, “today you tried
to attract another girl, I hate you and never try to write me next time!” I
understood the matter and tried my best to claim the matter but I failed.

The next day,
on 18th July, I wrote another letter to claim about myself. I saw,
her response was totally different. On time to bell, I stood up and easily hand
over the letter and stepped forward. But she was not ready to take it.

As I crossed the
door, the teacher stopped me, calling, “O Mr.!” I stopped and turned. I saw my
letter in my teacher’s hand and I understood the matter……………!!!

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