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It's More Than Enough!

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It's More Than Enough!

Post by Naseem Abbas Malik on Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:49 pm

Life...it's a simple word, but millions of words cannot fulfill its meaning.
God be praised, when I look around I find myself better than thousands and that's a moment when I whisper it's more than enough!
I find myself completely filled with things I once wished for, and a lot of unexpected miracles happen to surprize me more and compell me to say "O' my Lord! Just a thank you is not enough for what I've got and it's more than enough."
The most expensive and precious treasure in life is relationship; a relationship that believes in you and make you feel your importance for the relationship. I am rich in such relationships and I can't count the number of waves which come with blow of happiness and a feeling to thank Allah Sub'hana'o'taala many times a day. When you have such a single relationship in your life, a single smile from there makes you proud and you feel like your feet are not touching the ground. Yes, that relationship may be a mother, father, a friend sister, brother, a friend or a special loved one..!
Being in a difficult situation is always temporary, so it should never let say enough, rather have a sight around you, surely it will make you calm and let you say; "it's more than enough!" Being in relationship is a marvelous blessing by Allah, so if you have it, you have everything. Be thankful and never dare to exit such relationship rather build yourself a concrete wall in the exit door of that relationship and never let your partner go! Once your ego let it go, it'll never be back! So think by love not by situation, decide by heart not by mind and keep walking by faith not by sight, I assure you, it'll be the best life you'll have lived!
My love for all those precious people who are supposed to be in relationship with me, I am important because they are important, if they were not here in my life, I would be nothing!
Naseem Abbas
Thursday, January 15, 2015
Naseem Abbas Malik
Naseem Abbas Malik

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