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Post by Naseem Abbas Malik on Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:43 pm

For Love's Sake

At first glance looking around our world today, one can assume that there is little sense of peace or love. Yet, when we look just beyond the appearances we can see a much greater potential unfolding.

It is true that many are acting from a place of fear and doubt which includes greed, lust, guilt, anger, self righteousness and a myriad of other lower ego based actions. However, there are many more who are engaging in peaceful and loving responses. You won't necessarily read about these individuals or see them on TV, rather you will encounter them in your daily journey.

Love and peace are qualities we cultivate through the choices we make. It is up to each of us to make this choice of our own accord and equally our opportunity to share this energy from within. No one can do it for us.

So if you wish to see how much love and peace is growing on the planet... be that love and peace and you will begin to notice it all around you. In fact, you will become a part of the very process itself and others will come to know you for this energy in action.

Peace is not a static state as many may think. In reality it is a very dynamic energy that moves in where strife and chaos attempt to control and tempers these situations so that all can be balanced naturally.

Love is the same way. When we choose to love unconditionally, we bring the highest potential into every situation and heal generations of conflict... simply by letting go and loving all involved, including ourselves.
Naseem Abbas Malik
Naseem Abbas Malik

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