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TRUTH OF EMOTIONS_Why do people show emotions?

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TRUTH OF EMOTIONS_Why do people show emotions?

Post by Naseem Abbas Malik on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:27 pm

(Why do people show emotions)


Sometimes, we don’t know about the act we have just done
because we are human beings and this one thing makes us speakless about the

Emotions are one of these acts. We know that emotions make us unconcious
about the results but still we indulge in emotions. The question arises, why do
people show emotions? And the answer lies in a lot of different views.

First of all, the truth lies in a sentence that someone
shows emotions to his or her loved one just because that person knows that he
or she only can understand them. This truth makes us unable to explain further
about the topic.

But there are some other realities to show off. Sometimes
emotions are good for someone but sometimes these emotions result in destroying
a small world of someone in minuts and seconds. Such emotions are dangerous
because they are not created to make something realize, rather they are blown
by misunderstsndings. And we know that misunderstandings leave nothing behind a
relation. Such thing cause of two things in a relationship: either one of the
relative is non-serious about the relation or he/she is weak in understandind
his/her partner in that relationship.

If the condition is first, the relationship
becomes temporary although how much strong it seems. Such a relationship ends
on a fight bitterly. To avoid this conditon, someone needs to be confident
whenever he/she is going to choose someone other to drive a relation because
the base of a relation lies just upon your choice that what kind of person you
choose to share your events of life.

But when the condition is second, it
becomes difficult to drive a relation because both the persons are right but
there is a third one keeping them apart and that is “misunderstanding”. Such a
condition is created when a third party throws an idea to the mind of one of
relatives which urges him/her “to be dobted about the appearance and the hidden
nature of the other one.” This idea urges his/her mind to be more concious and
the conditon starts changing into “misunderstanding”.

In this situation, the relation
begins degenerating just like orthoporosis. While on the other hand, the other
one relative may have been trusted about his/her choice enough to proud of it.
But a stage reaches when this misunderstanding changes into a great loss and
someone loses his partner that may be his best friend or loved one!

What is the reason that creates
misunderstanding? Obviously, the situation is created when you bound yourself
to pay heed towards the circles of some talkitive people who ever struggle to
apart you away. Although, you are fully known about your beloved or friend’s
nature because you are definitely the most closest one to him/her. But still
you believe in others who are a third party! You must believe in your trust
that is once created and once it is broken can never be created again. And
still you doubt in your personal knowledge about your special one! Do you not
realize that you are giving to pay importance to some beaten treads instead of
your destiny?

Remember one thing, a person in your
life rights more importance than some words you listen from a third party. So
always pay attention to him/her and try to understand him/her untill you fully
trust him/her. Once you trust, you should never be douted. This one thing can
protect your relation, otherwise, someday you will lose him/her and will become
an author picking a topic “Truth Of Emotions”, but that time, it is all in

Aug 1st, 2010 22:37 pm
Naseem Abbas Malik

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